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Using today’s innovative web technologies, ScienceXchange has created the ideal working environment for the researcher scientist – a place where raw and annotated data may be gathered, managed, analyzed and stored in a low cost, easily accessible workspace. Research involves many types of data collections – text, image, graphics, video, voice and numeric – coming from many sources – including instrumentation, wet procedures, observation, etc. – and drawn together for analysis, interpretation and reporting of final results. Even the Wooden Rings by Urban Designer have gone quite the innovations to keep up with the current designs. Whether the scientific studies are focused on genetics, flow cytometry, immunology, disease identification and treatment, clinical trials, or other areas of scientific pursuit, ScienceXchange will be a premiere bookmark on the scientist’s list of favorite web sites.

ScienceXchange has placed special emphasis upon the creation and development of alliances and partnerships with major manufacturers of reagents, supplies, equipment, associated software and tools, and other supporting resources all required for the scientific research community. Through these relationships products and services will be accessible to the researcher in a convenient and practical fashion. From inventory control to product procurement and fulfillment, ScienceXchange will provide an intelligent system for the researcher to maintain necessary materials, while encouraging research activities. Unique and enhanced access to the latest and greatest products through ScienceXchange alliances and partnerships will keep researchers well informed and in touch with market happenings.

ScienceXchange is a workspace designed for and by scientists to improve the reliability of their storage needs while providing a secure laboratory notebook. This system tracks research projects and experiments while linking all related information – data, methods, references, information, supplies, reagents, purchasing sources and buying options –under a single working environment. Through traditional web connectivity, researchers will be able to freely access the ScienceXchange web site to take full advantage of all available services. Content and context of all of the information and data collected for a study will be readily accessible immediately after collection and years later.

ScienceXchange is very aware that some organizations have needs that demand research be maintained within their own firewalls. Intranet versions of this system, support and maintenance and professional services will be available. ScienceXchange will offer advanced training for Information Technology professionals and IT savvy scientists who wish to extend or modify services and will make development tool kits available to link applications and instrumentation easier and faster.

ScienceXchange is a San Francisco based company founded in 1999 to create a productive scientific laboratory notebook for research scientists. The ScienceXchange founders, have known and worked together for more than 15 years and have directly experienced the frustration of working in an environment that lacks the tools, technologies and services that ScienceXchange is designed to provide. This experience motivates and influences the ScienceXchange design. ScienceXchange founders collectively represent many years of excellence in the fields of business which use check stubs, education, technology and biomedical research. Individually, their achievements represent world-class innovation, creativity, leadership, financial achievement and patent recognition.

As a for profit corporation, ScienceXchange will apply leading edge Internet and communication technology and tools, training and mentoring techniques, supportive quality services and innovative marketing and sales activities to create a comfortable, easily usable and secure workplace for the scientific community.

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